MM52 / 小镇谋杀之歌 Small Town Murder Songs (2010) 

小镇谋杀之歌 Small Town Murder Songs (2010)

又名: 小镇杀人之歌
IMDB 评分: 5.9 分 ( 2772 票 ) ; 专家评分: 6.6 分
导演: ;
北美票房: $30858美元 出品公司: 3 Legged Dog Films, 国家: CA, 语言: EN
影片时长: 75 分钟 , 电影分级: R

简介:   Film noir has taught audiences that bad things can happen in picture-perfect small towns just as easily as in the grimy big city, but rarely have filmgoers seen a film noir that’s also an ecclesiastical musical. Violent, propulsive, and gorgeous, Gass-Donnelly’s remarkable genre mash-up about a local police officer investigating a murder in a Mennonite community is filled with contemporary hymns and set amid a rural landscape of extraordinary beauty....