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壮士血 The Blood of Heroes (1989)

又名: 末世启示录 | The Salute of the Jugger
IMDB 评分: 6.5 分 ( 6461 票 ) ;
导演: ;
北美票房: $882290美元 出品公司: Kings Road Entertainment, 国家: AU, 语言: EN
影片时长: 90 分钟 , 电影分级: R

简介:   I am surprised and delighted by the sheer depth of this movie every time I re-watch it. Not only is the jugger sport convincing, well-designed and very enthusiastically played by the excellent cast of actors, but the post-civilised (as opposed to post-apocalyptic) world it takes place in is both subtly drawn and entirely believable. Nowhere in the pithy script is there the usual heavy-handed sci-fi references to the nuclear war (or whatever) that reduced human-kind back to feudal barbarism. We are prese...