MM52.Net / 情定山外山 Beyond the Next Mountain (1987) 

情定山外山 Beyond the Next Mountain (1987)

IMDB 评分: 7.1 分 ( 96 票 ) ;
导演: ; ;
出品公司: Forsberg Associates, 国家: US, 语言: EN
影片时长: 97 分钟 , 电影分级: PG

简介:   Description:   One man's pilgrimage to bring the Scriptures to his own tribe.   At the close of the 19th century, the British branded the Hmar people of northeast India as "the worst headhunters." It was a label well deserved at the time. But in 1910, a single copy of the New Testament Gospel of John came into this village and changed the course ...