MM52 / 家庭珠宝 The Family Jewels (1965) 

家庭珠宝 The Family Jewels (1965)

又名: 糊涂千面客(港)
IMDB 评分: 6.3 分 ( 1957 票 ) ;
导演: ;
出品公司: Jerry Lewis Productions, 国家: US, 语言: EN
影片时长: 99 分钟 , 电影分级: Passed

简介:   A young heiress must choose between six uncles, one of which is up to no good and out to harm the girl's beloved bodyguard who practically raised her.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Nine-year-old Donna Peyton is orphaned when her father dies and leaves her with a $30 million fortune. Her late...