MM52 / 不顾一切 Hell Bent (1918) 
不顾一切  Hell Bent (1918)

不顾一切 Hell Bent (1918)

IMDB 评分: 6.1 分 ( 96 票 ) ;
导演: ;
出品公司: Universal Film Manufacturing Company, 国家: US,
影片时长: 50 分钟 ,

简介:   As described in a film magazine, Bess Thurston (Gerber), whose no-account brother Jack (Pegg) is unable to support her, obtains employment in a dance hall. This shatters the illusions of Cheyenne Harry (Carey), who has fallen in love with her. When he rescues her from the advances of Beau Ross (Harris), Cheyenne's confidence in her is restored. Her brother then aids Beau in an attempted robbery and Harry allows them to escape. Beau takes Bess with him into the desert. Harry follows and a duel ensues in ...