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Marcelino Sánchez

Marcelino Sánchez

Names: ; James Marcelino | Marcelino Sanchez | Chalino Sán
Actor , Age: 29 ( Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius )
Birthday: December 5th (Thursday), 1957
Deathday: November 21st (Friday), 1986
Birth Place: Cayey, Puerto Rico

Biography: Born Marcelino Sánchez December 5, 1957 in Cayey, Puerto Rico. He died of AIDS-related cancer in his Hollywood home on November 21, 1986. Sanchez began acting in the late 1970s. His third film role was that of Rembrandt, a young, naive gang member with a flair for spray painting in The Warriors. After these films, Sánchez went on to appear in roles......