/ Irene Dunne 

Irene Dunne

Names: Irene Marie Dunn; First Lady of Hollywood
Actress , Age: 91 ( Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius )
Birthday: December 20th (Tuesday), 1898
Deathday: September 4th (Tuesday), 1990
Birth Place: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Sex: Female, Height: 165cm

Awards: Nominated for 5 Oscars.
Biography: Irene Marie Dunne was born on December 20, 1898, in Louisville, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Joseph Dunne, who inspected steamships, and Adelaide Henry, a musician who prompted Irene in the arts. Her first production was in Louisville when she appeared in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the age of five. Her "debut" set the tone for a fabulous ......