/ Bonita Granville 

Bonita Granville

Names: ; Bonita Granville Wrather
Actress , Age: 65 ( Zodiac Sign: Aquarius )
Birthday: February 2nd (Friday), 1923
Deathday: October 11th (Tuesday), 1988
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sex: Female, Height: 152cm

Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar.
Biography: Daughter of Bernard 'Bunny' Granville, Bonita Granville was born into an acting family. It's not surprising that she herself became a child actor, first on the stage and, at the age of 9, debuting in movies in Westward Passage (1932). She was regularly cast as a naughty little girl, as in These Three (1936) where she played Mary, an obnoxious girl......