/ Évolution (2015) 

Évolution (2015)

Names: Evolution
IMDB Rating: 6.1 ( 3499 Votes ) ; Critic Score: 7.7
Director: ;
Company: Les Films du Worso, Country: FR, Language: FR
Runtime: 81 min ,

Brief: Nicolas is a boy living on a remote island set in the future, or another planet - or is it a dream? His village consists of white-painted houses located above the sea with a volcanic rock and black sand coastline, populated by young women and boys all of a similar age to Nicolas. Whilst swimming, Nicolas makes a discovery in the ocean, which is shrugged off by his mother, who, like all the women in the town has tied-back hair, is pale and wears a simple thin beige dress. Nicolas is curious, thinks that he is being ...