/ Tous les soleils (2011) 

Tous les soleils (2011)

Names: ...Non ci posso credere
IMDB Rating: 6.9 ( 1629 Votes ) ;
Director: ;
Company: Union Générale Cinématographique (UGC), Country: FR, Language: FR
Runtime: 105 min ,

Brief: Alessandro teaches musicology at the university of Strasbourg. He is also a volunteer reader in hospitals. He shares his apartment with his daughter, 15-year-old Irina, and his anarchist brother Luigi. Life is not always rosy at Alessandro's for three main reasons : he is a widower and has never really recovered from the death of his young wife ; his brother is some kind of parasite who refuses to sell his paintings to capitalist speculators and so to contribute to the cost of the household ; Irina, whom ...