/ La Belle Personne (2008) 

La Belle Personne (2008)

Names: A Bela Junie
IMDB Rating: 6.7 ( 5791 Votes ) ;
Director: ;
Company: Arte France, Country: FR, Language: FR
Runtime: 97 min , Rated: Unrated
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Brief: Sixteen-year old Junie changes high school mid-year, following the death of her mother. She finds herself in the same class as her cousin Mathias, who introduces her to his friends. All the boys want to date Junie, and she chooses the quietest among them, Otto Cleves. But soon after, she encounters the great love of her life, Nemours, her Italian teacher. The passion that burns between them is, however, doomed. Junie refuses to give in to her feelings and persists in denying herself happiness, which in he...