/ Return to Me (2000) 

Return to Me (2000)

Names: Beрнись ко мне
IMDB Rating: 6.9 ( 18352 Votes ) ; Critic Score: 5.4
Director: ;
BoxOffice: $74961626 USD Company: JLT Productions, Country: US, Language: EN
Runtime: 115 min , Rated: PG
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Brief: The film opens with a loving husband and wife preparing for a very important fund raising dinner. The evening ends with the loss of the wife. In a hospital a weak young woman who may die soon if she can not get a new heart. Jump ahead one year the young woman received a heart and is trying to adjust to a life no longer counted by hours or days, she can actually make plans. The grieving husband and his dog are still trying to adjust to life without his wife. His friends keep trying to pry him from his "wor...