/ Eu Tu Eles (2000) 

Eu Tu Eles (2000)

Names: Yo, tú, ellos
IMDB Rating: 7.1 ( 1645 Votes ) ; Critic Score: 6.6
Director: ;
BoxOffice: $323403 USD Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Country: BR, Language: PT
Runtime: 104 min , Rated: PG-13
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Brief: Darlene, earthy and unmarried, returns to the cane fields of Bahia with her young son. There, over time, she balances the pride, desire, jealousy, and tolerance of three men. Osias, an older man, proud of a house he's built, proposes marriage; she accepts. He retires to his hammock, she works hard, and in a few years births a second son, much darker than Osias. Then, he takes in his cousin Zezinho, almost as old as he, a good cook, so Osias is happy. Darlene smiles at Zezinho. Another son arrives, light-s...