/ My Favorite Wife (1940) 

My Favorite Wife (1940)

Names: Meine liebste Frau
IMDB Rating: 7.4 ( 8290 Votes ) ;
Director: ;
Company: RKO Radio Pictures, Country: US, Language: EN
Runtime: 88 min , Rated: Approved

Awards: Nominated for 3 Oscars.
Brief: Ellen Arden arrives 7 years after being given up for dead in a shipwreck, to find her husband Nick just remarried to Bianca. The overjoyed Nick awkwardly tries to break the news gently to Bianca. But before he can do that, an unpleasant surprise--news that Ellen has spent the 7 years on a deserted island with fellow-survivor Burkett. Nick's jealousy tries to find out the truth. Hilarious confusion reigns before Nick chooses his favorite wife. Written by